• Leopard Catamarans
    Leopard Catamarans

    Leopard Catamarans push the boundaries of catamaran design. With 50 years of experience in the industry and customer feedback, Leopard Catamarans combined their expertise with Robertson and Caine to design today's Leopard series: producing catamarans focused on comfort, durability and performance.

    As the Turkish distributor, we are proud of bringing tens of Leopard Catamarans boats together with sea lovers in Turkey.

  • AustIn Parker
    AustIn Parker

    The Austin Parker brand, which combines elegant Italian design in the best way with years of experience, is a very important brand for motor yacht lovers with its attractive, stylish and modern designs. Designed by the famous Italian designer Fulvio De Simoni, Austin Parker boats have been designed with the highest level of luxury and comfort in mind to make you feel at home on the sea, down to the smallest detail.

    We are happy to be the Turkish distributor of the Austin Parker brand, which has made a very important name among motor yachts, and we are very excited to share the elegant and stylish design of Austin Parker motor yachts with motor yacht enthusiasts.

  • Advanced Yachts
    Advanced Yachts

    With the touch of elegant Italian design, Advanced Yachts company, which is famous for producing customized boats according to the demands of its customers, has made it their mission to offer the maximum comfort and performance that can be offered on a sailing yacht. Accordingly, it produces only a few boats per year and is at the top of its class in terms of production quality. It offers its customers all the advantages of semi-custom production and only works with the most respected naval architects and designers.

    As the Solo Deniz family, we are incredibly happy to be the Turkish branch of Advanced Yachts. We are happy to share this joy with all sailing enthusiasts, and we look forward to sharing the advantages of Advanced Yachts production with you.


  • Leopard Catamarans
    Leopard Catamarans

    Established in 2017 in the city of Catania, located in the Sicily region of Italy, Spx Rib company has become one of the most important tender manufacturers in Europe in a short time. Known for its high level of production quality and stylish designs, as well as being open to technological innovations, Spx Rib has become a leading company in the Rib / Tender sector with the investments it has made and continues to make.

    As the Solo Deniz family, it is very meaningful for us to be the Turkish leg of Spx Rib, which is increasing its influence in the European market day by day and winning the love of its customers.


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